Temple 88

Ordo Dracul


WARNING :IF you came here looking for guyes in white robes or nazi uniform you are at the WRONG site! If you are looking for the REAL DEAL,Welcome, you found us.We have grown tired of the slow death of our GREAT and PROUD race.

The purpose of Temple 88 is "TO SECURE THE EXISTENCE OF OUR RACE AND A FUTURE FOR WHITE CHILDREN". Deceased POW D.L. wrote these immortal words. This historial goal can not be achieved by simply sitting reading emails and new letters.  At some point we have to lay aside our petty bickering, and organize for racial survival. We think that you all know this.IT IS TIME TO STAND TOGETHER AND ORGANIZE FOR THE SURIVIVAL OF THE WHITE RACE! Isn't your future and your kid's future worth putting aside personal differences?We are the only race that will not do this and it has lead us to the brink of EXTINCTION!

 Temple 88 is a brotherhood of White Separatists that believe in showing pride in our race, heritage, and accomplishments of our WHITE ancestor's. We are not a hate group or supremacy group. We do not want nor intend to rule supreme over any other race or culture. We know that if the White Race is to survive we must separate and rule other our own destiny.
  Temple 88's goal is to unite brother's with similar beliefs and ideologies to build a strong brotherhood that is concerned for the future of their rights, country,  and children. We also believe that we need to band Americans together to resist the strong arm tactics of an opressive government and and ensure the return to a truely free constitutional repubilc, as it was meant to be. As part of our goal, members of Temple 88 pledge our commitment to absolute restoration of our Bill of Rights. Temple 88 is against all media detrimental to our WHITE race and culture which would be any magazine, newspaper, television show, movie or radio program that constantly shove black culture down our throats and promotes race mixing to our White children. Temple 88 is against all outsourcing of American jobs, Temple 88 is against all employers hire illegal ailens that take our American jobs, Temple 88 is against all governmental abuse of power. The fact that the Patriot Act passed at all should send some warnings that our elected officials in Washington, are not concerned with the preserving, protecting, and defending the Constitution of United States and our Bill of Rights. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that U.S. Government instigated acts of violence against its own citizens have increased in recent years. There are hosts of regulators, bureaucrats, and other officials who want to dictate how we work, play, and interact with each other, and simply live. If you attempt to openly defy these authorities, you will be either jailed or killed that is why no well housed and fed population has ever openly revolted against its overlords.
There is no one word to describe Temple 88 or what we are. We are a little bit Miltilia because we are organized. We are a little bit Survivalist because we are ready to defend our beilefs and help others in time of need. We are a little bit Libertarist because of our strongly held beliefs that every White American should accept personal responsibility for what they do. Many of you out there don't like the dismal state our nation is in right now. What do you do about it? Everybody is willing to complain, but not many people are willing to do anything bout it.  So, what can we do?  Well, the first thing we can do is organize. You can prepare for the storm that is threatening to overtake the nation. We can't predict when the storm will strike in its full fury. The liberals are working feverishly to take our gun away from us, and they have allowed morals to sink to all time lows. We, the members of Temple 88, believe that now is the time to once again return to the path of our founding fathers set out to establish for this nation. We are built around many different autonomous supporting groups and individuals under one organization to gain strategic and tactical strength to become an undeniable political, and if need be, an overwhelming fighting force to reinstate the Constitution, restore the repubilc and demand the true ideals of our founding fathers of this country be realized. It is the duty of every White American citizen to resist and deal out brutal retribution to the traitors of this nation !!

 The general public has neither the will or foresight to prepare. Time to take action is now. We need to open our eyes and look at what is taking place around us. We have stood for far too long and watched our rights being taking away from day by day. We are losing our jobs, homes, money, and much more to these Illegal  coming to our home land and now trying to claim it for their own. It is time to wake up WHITE people. Something needs to be done before its too late. Some already thinks its too late and that's why they sit back and do nothing. If your not going stand up and fight for yourselves, then at least think of your children. What kind of future are they going to have? These are things that we as White Americans need to think about. A war is among us,so we say to you, get ready for battle. This does not mean to go out and hurt anyone . We are simply saying that the time may come when you can no longer sit back and have other's do the work for you. You will be forced to fight for your White rights and children's future.

Temple 88 is not an open membership organization. Only those who have meet the quaifications 100% are allowed into our NOBLE ranks. We have a very soild foundation and we are not an INTERNET group. We are not open to allow but rather true upright Americans to assoicate with Temple 88 and gain eventually membership with in our hallowed Order. We take pride in who we are and our plans for the near future. We do not give out the names of any of our members under any circumstances unless that member wishes to be known. To become a member, one does not simply fill out an application and send money in, and becomes an INSTANT MEMBER. Temple 88 is a very ELITE and PROGRESSIVE organization, with very strict rules and guidelines set forth by its officers. If you would like to see if you have what it takes to become part of the ELITE, feel free to contact us.